Insights into the world’s biggest healthcare challenge – Medication Non-Adherence

Insights into the world’s biggest healthcare challenge – Medication Non-Adherence.

In a simple word not taking prescribed medicines on time, skipping or missing prescribed doses of medicines is called medication non adherence. It can have negative consequences for the patient, the provider, the physician, and even the medical researchers who are working to establish the value of the medication for the target population.

As per a report by WHO (World Health Organization) “Nearly 50% patients do not take their medications as prescribed”. This can lead to significant increase in hospitalization, treatment failure and even death. Non –adherence contributes to direct annual costs of $100 billion to the US health care system. In the U.S. alone, 125,000 people die every year due to medicine non-adherence. But in India we have not done enough research to produce facts sheets on this issue so it is very crucial time for us to spread awareness about medication adherence.

Non-adherence towards medicines is a global issue that not only affects the world’s economy, but also the lives of millions.As per a WHO report, around three in ten deaths globally are caused by cardiovascular diseases. Almost one in ten adults has diabetes. One of the key reasons for cardiovascular disease and diabetes is an unhealthy lifestyle. People with diabetes have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Depression affects around three hundred million people worldwide, and this number is projected to increase. Tobacco kills nearly six million people each year.

Most of us have adopted new age lifestyles to grow faster in our lives, but that has also increased the chances of us acquiring and developing several diseases and disorders, especially when health is not considered a priority. In the light of these facts, it’s imperative for people to take their prescribed medicines properly to live productive lives.To improve our adherence towards medicines technology can play vital role in this process. Forms of technology can be implemented in our day to day life by using simple techniques through digital media.

Nowadays pharma companies in partnership with doctors and healthcare IT companies are offering various patient digital services like informative videos, personalized and multilingual health alerts/alarms, Fitness tracker/ App, SMS connects, Voice Calls, Mobile Apps Etc. Though due to various challenges in India like disease burden, high number of spoken languages, poor health literacy etc. it will take some time for pharmaceutical companies to witness significant improvement in medicine non- adherence. But at the same time, digital wave in India is encouraging and strengthening pharma strategies towards this major healthcare challenge.

People who are unable to access digital platforms to get educated towards medicine adherence must read “Stop buying medicines, if you are not going to have it as prescribed” a book written byMr. Praveen Wadalkar(CEO & Co-founder of Techizer tech solutions Pvt. Ltd.). This book has explained the dire impact of medication non-adherence on society. Whether you are a patient or a patients’ family member or friend, this book will surely help you to save precious lives. It not only highlights the key reasons for non-adherence to medication, but also offers several strategies to enable people to take their medicines on time and as prescribed by their doctors.

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