Techizer Tech Solutions Announces Their New Website Launch

According to clinical trials "Poor health literacy has been identified as a major cause of medication non-adherence". Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a healthcare IT firm that optimizes the use of technology to improve patient's adherence, it believes that health literacy can improve medicine adherence and going further today it announced the launch of their new website ''." This Website offers visitors essential information about their prescribed medicines in 9 Indian languages for free .
At present, over the internet information about medicines is available only in English language. However, we are launching this website for Indian population keeping in mind that India is a country where people speak and understand different languages other than English. To make it easier for our readers â??readmyrx.comâ?? offers information in 9 regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Malyalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil & Kannada.
The website has a clean and uncluttered design, easy access to information focused on medicines name, how it works, how it should be taken? How to store, what happens if you miss a dose, what happens if you overdose. '' goes live today, December 01, 2016 and is located
"It will be easy for patients to remember to take their medicines on time, if they know why they are taking them and what will happen in their body if they do not take them? We can develop a relationship with someone only if we know them. Otherwise,we are strangers. Your prescribed medicines should not be strangers to you. '' will help Indians to know about their prescribed medicines said, Praveen Wadalkar CEO and Co-Founder, Techizer and Author of "Stop buying medicines, if you are not going to have it as prescribed."
"We are always committed to play our role in improving medicine non-adherence. This free website is the reflection of this commitment. Currently, we are covering diabetes and heart disease related medicines. Soon we will be addressing other chronic diseases like hepatitis B and C, Asthma, HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases where medicine adherence is the key in determining treatment's outcome." said Dolly Wadalkar, Director, and Co-Founder, Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
To start with '' currently gives essential information on Diabetes and Heart diseases related medicines. And website will be updated on a regular basis with new medicine information, health benefits and disease information in 9 Indian languages.